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Auto parts
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Automotive Market

Zhongyu is providing highly competitive and reliable support in all phases of the Manufacturing Process from Prototype to Mass Production for Automotive Market. With a vertically integrated business structure and strong partnerships throughout the global supply chain we have formed a reputation as a valuable partner with our supplier and customer base.
At Zhongyu we manufacture products through a wide array of Processes including Precision Custom Injection Molding, fully Automated Insert Molding and In-Tool Product Inspection. With a focus on mutual success and customer satisfaction we take pride in our strength of Product Realization, Program Launch and Mass Production through effective Advanced Planning and Program Management.
Our team will provide valuable input throughout the Quote Phase, Prototype, Design, Production Tool Build and Mass Production of all projects. Our core focus is to continuously strive for efficiency throughout the supply chain by working closely with our customers and supply base.
Zhongyu Mold features 27 Molding presses allowing a broad array of process Design options to suit your projects needs. With fully functional Mold and tooling support on-site we offer In-house Tool Build capability and Maintenance increasing tool reliability and production efficiency.

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ADD:No.1, Xi er Street, Wushaliwuxingfa South Road, Chang an Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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